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For my pre-med followers and nerdies

So I just finished successfully synthesizing GYFP (Green-yellowish fluorescent protein) from jellyfish to two targeted genes - cells (A7 muscle cell from Rat and Hepa-1 Liver cell from a mouse) into an EYFP Plasmid Vector

Ran a western blot to see if the fluorescence appeared on the organelles Golgi and Mitochondria and to determine their localization pattern on the blot as well as which organelle directly associates with microtubules….

(Reason for this experiment was to determine molecular weight of an organelle with EYFP by blotting and differentiation as well as see associations, to see the effects of nocodazole and how it depolymerizes mictotubules, blah blah blah)

While I was typing up my NOW finished 25-page lab report, interestingly came across an article/journal and read that scientists have been going crazy over this new microscopic system of fluorescence.  How they are able to see protein movements, behaviors and functions in vivo due to the light emission from the fluorescence.  The GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) used doesn’t just come from jelly-fish, it can come from fireflies, etc. 

Guess what they call the firefly fluorescent enzyme? 

Luciferase!  CRAZY! 

So Lucifer was the angel cast down from heaven as the wing man who became jealous of humans, etc. (maybe I’m not really on point with this biblical story) anywho, Lucifer was considered “The light giver” giving light to a world full of masks and darkness.

Fireflies emit light.  Luciferase as an enzymic name?  Can we say BRILLIANT?

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