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Children disrespecting parents and getting away with it.

What should I do if our DS (my husbands son from an ex-wife) asks to download a game app off of iTunes for his iPod Touch and we tell him, “No, Not right now!” and a few days later we see the bill come in from iTunes showing an app purchase?

I told my DH that this gesture/act was blatant disrespect.  DH responds by saying that he knows there’s little respect coming from his kids (from another wife) because their mom taught them how to be that way.  He then blows it off.

I want to call DS, (he’s 11) and tell him how it was wrong to do what he did, as we were against it, (his iPod is linked to our bankcard).

I guarantee that the moment his mother knows I am on the phone with him, she will insure that he hangs up on me.  Something that is done quite often, not to me but to their father, my DH.  In fact, every single call he ever makes, there is a curious hang up and no attempt on their behalf to try to reconnect.

What to do?

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  1. alexdayo said: if disrespect continues just disconnect the card with the ipod without telling him. this makes him HAVE to call you.
  2. alexdayo answered: the the child to talk to his friends about it. alot of other kids would tell him, “my mom would kill me if i hung up on her!”
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